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Reading about your Paris visit brought me so many memories of my own visits there. I miss it and am really delighted to read that the magic, beauty and joie de vivre of Paris endures, even as the world around us is in turmoil. Thanks for sharing : ) Have been meaning to ask you for a while: would you consider maybe at some point in the future creating a monthly, quarterly or seasonal online offering/club/support group ; ) to help those of us who are now out of practice and a little shy about entertaining again to get back into the spirit? Somehow I have completely lost my party mojo and have become a hermit! I think I am feeling small, informal, perfectly imperfect gatherings right now, but ones that have some soul, a little sparkle and spirit. I have always admired your simple-fancy way of hosting and have enjoyed following your practical approach. I have loved using your past guides complete with menus, styling tips, game plans and easy-yet-sophisticated recipes that are foolproof and allow the hostess to actually enjoy her own gathering. I know you're busy with beautiful bebe Violet now, but maybe this is an idea to tuck away for sometime in the future. I would sign up for sure and I know others would too : )

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